June 2014

The remixing of legacy catalogue is coming along fine. So far I've gone through Original Sin (1995-99), Best Of Baltimoore (2000 - which contains a selection of new recordings of songs from the first 4 albums), Fanatical (2005). Kaleidoscope (2006) and X (2006) - just getting started with Quick Fix (2009). In the first run I transfer tracks from various formats into my current setup. Mats and I have also done some overdubbing of new guitars on several songs and there'll be more overdubs - lead vocals, backing vocal and keyboard on tracks later. There are some fucking great songs in there...and this time they are coming out!

Stay tuned...

Had a great first rehearsal today. A warm welcome to our newest member - Hans Ludwig on guitar!


May 2014

Back For More scores 7/10 in the current issue of Sweden Rock Magazine.

Other web reviews at:

8/10 @ http://www.metal-temple.com/site/catalogues/entry/reviews/cd_3/b_2/baltimoore-back-for.htm

9/10 @ http://mundorockheavy.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/baltimoore-back-for-more.html

Good review in Swedish @ http://blog.godaremat.se/template_permalink.asp?id=2377


April 2014

We are in the process of organising some live rehearsals, let's see where that takes us -
Bjorn Lodin.

HardRockHaven have just run the following review of "Back For More".  Look out for an interview on the same site soon.

March 2014

Virtuosity One have run a double feature on the band, a 90% review and a new interview with Bjorn Lodin.

We are pleased to announce our new album 'Back For More' is available now on iTunes and CDBaby.  Home to 10 hard rockin' new tracks, the album is sure to keep you coming 'Back For More'.

Click titles for lyrics!
01 Cry Out For Innocence
02. Don't Say No
03. Until The End Of The Line
04. Are You On To Me?
05. Break Into Something New
06. Means To An End
07. Gun Of Doom
08. Sunshine In The Rain
09. Say It Like It Is
10. Back For More

Björn Lodin – vocals, guitars
Mats Attaque – guitars, backing vocals
Klas Anderhell – drums
Örjan Fernkvist – organ
Weine Johansson - bass

Have a taste of our new album 'Back For More'.